a little food journal. :)

Happy bee bakes! and cooks too!

Food from jan-feb

There’s many stuff that i’ve bake but too lazy to blog about. sigh. that’s why i am not a food blogger eh?

but oh well! i put them ALL together and post it then! :p

i will try my best to provide link to them, (Except those that i really don’t know where i gotten them from :/)


fluffer nutter blondies from somethingswanky

This recipe is easy, peanut buttery and oh so yummy.

i halved this recipe and bake it in a 8×8″ square pan. adjust timing to ~20-25min.


Corn dog muffins

Sorry for this ugly photo. I need to retry this recipe.

Please remember to replace the chilies with 1 cup of buttermilk.

from Rachelschultz   or ThePioneerwoman


Buttery, melt in the mouth pineapple tarts!

A must have for chinese new year!

This recipe is TOTALLY awesome.

Make this. everybody will love you!

From indochinekitchen


OHHH~ crunch, soft, fluffy, sweet, and everything nice~

Erm, i dont know what recipe i use though.

But you can definitely fine one, its just using simple ingredient like egg whites and sugar. 🙂


Peanut butter melt in the mouth cookies


almond cookies

This is very fragrant! super nice!

From Mykitchensnippets


Checkered cookies


dough that is left over from the above pineapple tart are used to make this plain ones! i piped some chocolate on top (sorry! no photos! >_<) and my boy loves them! 😀



pandan kaya cake



Lastly milan cookies!

I baked other stuff like cookies and cupcakes (without frosting). but well, lazy ppl, no photos most of the time. :X

I will try my best and not be lazy to update more photos and recipes! 😡

Thank you for reading!!

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Steam Eggs.

I tried silky steam egg method from this website.

it is a success! though i put a little bit less soya sauce, which makes it a little blend. i put it till a full bowl as i underestimated for 3 eggs volume, and steamed at medium for ~18-20 mins. 

Though a small amount of bubbles was seen at the side of the bowl, overall is was awesome!

add some sesame oil to pump up the fragrance!


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Hello world!

Hello people! I decided to start this blog to log down my bakes(sssss) and what I’ve cooked for my family and friends. 😀

Hope you enjoy my blog!

❤ min. 😀

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