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Vanilla cake using oil



Hi all!

Is me again! (duh, is my blog of course is me again. :x)

Tried a new simple and easy recipe!

was lack of time when I’ve been requested for some pandan flavour cake.

So, after an easy search, I found this recipe! Using OIL! 😀

I halved the recipe, and added a teaspoon of pandan paste instead of vanilla to create the pandan flavour, and baked it in an 8×8″ square pan, baking for 25min in my oven.

It was really easy and taste good! As I was out of milk, I added some home-made soya milk to it, causing it to have some soya milk taste. :p

Next time I might add in maybe half a teaspoon more pandan paste to have a stronger pandan taste and fragrance.

I also recommend adding a teaspoon or slightly more vanilla essence/extract to half of the recipe to pump up the flavour if you are making vanilla. (~1tbsp vanilla for the full recipe)

oh well~ there’s no harm adding a LITTLE bit more vanilla isn’t it? :p

This is real easy for those who do not have the time to soften your butter! or being lazy!

Hope you all like this! 😀



❤ min 🙂


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